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Kevin C. Huston, EA, USTCP

Welcome to our website! If you need a tax problem solved NOW, you have come to the right place! At Blue Ridge Tax Advisors, Inc., we solve Federal and state tax problems every day. Our rates are affordable, and you will speak with the person who will represent you before the government tax agencies and not to a sales person.  We are experienced, we are non-judgmental, and we're friendly. Please call us for an initial consultation to discuss your tax problems.   828-650-9444

"I got into this business 26 years ago because I wanted to help taxpayers who were being treated unfairly by the IRS.  Fighting the IRS and their unrelenting computers alone without someone with experience on your side is scary and time consuming.  I take the pain away by fighting for you.  Let me solve your tax problems so that you can get back to your life." - Kevin C. Huston, EA, USTCP

Tax Problems

Tax problems, such as facing an audit, needing to file for past years, owing more than you can afford to pay, or having the IRS levy your bank account or garnish your wages can cause you a lot of pain.  You might be experiencing marital problems because of the financial and emotional burden you are facing; your rent or mortgage checks could bounce because the IRS isn't leaving you money to pay your bills; you are worried the IRS will come and take your car and you don't know how you'll be able to get to work; and you could be losing sleep because of all of the stress.  We understand all of that.  But with our help, you can get right with the IRS and state Department of Revenue.  We can work out a solution to get you out of this mess.  With our help you can get back to your life.


We are experienced in all matters of IRS problem resolution.  We are unique because of our ability to go to Tax Court for you.  Most other tax controversy firms can only represent you at the administrative levels of the IRS.  We can fight further and harder for you.  Our services encompass nearly every aspect of taxation and tax problem solving representation before the Internal Revenue Service and state Departments of Revenue, including audits, collections, appeals, and Tax Court.  Use the "Services" tab above to explore. 

Our Firm

Our firm's reputation for providing quality service reflects the high standards we demand of ourselves.  Our philosophy is that it doesn't matter what caused the problem, but it does matter that the problem gets solved.  We solve tax problems!

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