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"My financial life was a mess and so was my personal life because I hadn't filed my business taxes for six years.  My wife threatened to divorce me if I didn't get this fixed.  Kevin Huston worked with me and showed me how to organize my records, then got me caught up with filing all of my back taxes.  He even got me a refund for several years.  That was like finding buried treasure."  -  Robert S., North Carolina

"I was the typical salesperson paid on a 1099.  I spent money to earn money, but didn't have great records.   Every day I was worried that the IRS would drain my bank account leaving me nothing.  Kevin at Blue Ridge Tax Advisors helped me file my back tax returns and then worked out a monthly payment arrangement with the IRS that I can afford.  More importantly, he showed me how to not dig a deeper hole every year, so that I can eventually not owe the IRS any more."   - Aaron B., North Carolina

"The IRS was garnishing my pay, and not leaving me enough to pay my bills.  They had filed several tax returns for me based only on income, and didn't allow me to deduct what I paid to others.  They said I owed over $160,000.  Mr. Huston got this corrected to where I only owed about $27,000 and I am only having to pay the IRS $170 a month." - Robert W., North Carolina

"The IRS was levying my bank account just about every month.  Kevin Huston reviewed my past tax returns and found several mistakes which he amended, and caught me up on some years I had not filed.  I ended up owing a lot less than the IRS had said, and now I'm all paid up."  - Steve S., North Carolina

"I owed the IRS over $20,000 plus interest, and I didn't know how I was ever going to pay it.  I was afraid it would hang over my head forever like a big grey storm cloud.  Blue Ridge Tax Advisors prepared an Offer In Compromise for me and I was able to settle the debt with the IRS for only $500.  I can finally see the sun shining."  - Karen D., North Carolina

"The IRS was taking part of my Social Security check every month for the past five years. They said I still owed them about $31,000 for payroll taxes that were not paid years ago.  I didn't even own the company, but the IRS said I was responsible.  Mr. Huston got ALL of the taxes, interest and penalties abated, and I got a refund from the IRS." - Paul S., North Carolina

"We had a restaurant in Kentucky that closed owing about $80,000 in taxes.  Kevin Huston prepared an Offer In Compromise for us and we settled for $2,500.  With the IRS off my back, I can focus on my work and earn some money.  Thank you, Kevin." - Ed H., Georgia

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