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Frequently Asked Questions and Policies


Tax Problem Resolution Clients

1) It is necessary to provide requested data on a timely basis.

 We must make commitments to taxing agencies to win their cooperation.  A major reason we are able to achieve positive results with IRS and NC DOR agents is the credibility we have built with them by keeping these commitments.  We will not jeopardize this hard-earned relationship as it benefits a majority of our clients.

2) Time is of the essence.

 Many tax notices must be responded to quickly to avoid added problems such as property liens or levies against wages or other forms of income.  This is especially important to preserving your rights relating to the United States Tax Court.  Notice should never be ignored or put off.

3) Elapsed time on tax problem cases is often longer than clients expect.

 Cases may run over several months, as the responses from taxing agencies are often slow.  Appeals can take over a year because of IRS work backlog and limited funding by Congress.

4) Powers Of Attorney are required.

Signed Power Of Attorney forms will allow taxing agency personnel to discuss your confidential tax matters with us.  The Powers of Attorney we have you sign do not allow us to perform any non-tax matters.

5) Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) information requests are often made.

Iin many cases we request FOIA info as we wish to assure our clients that we have complete information with which to act on their behalf.

6) We will handle conversations with IRS/NCDOR

You will not be required to talk to or deal with Agents unless you desire to do so and we agree that it would be prudent.  In most cases, even when you have done everything correctly and have nothing to hide,  it is NOT PRUDENT, as the IRS will construe your answers against you.

7) Signatures on all agreements with IRS/NCDOR as a matter of policy will be done by you.

Although a Power of Attorney permits us to enter into an agreement on your behalf, we will meet with you, provide our recommendation, and allow you to sign directly for any obligations you will need to meet.  This policy does not mean you have to meet with Agents, only that we leave the final decisions up to you.

8) Billing for Services is done on a retainer basis.

We will estimate a fee for the tax problem resolution services to be rendered at the time of our engagement.  We will require anywhere from fifty percent (50%) to one hundred percent (100%) of the estimated amount be paid prior to commencement of services.  The estimate of our fee for tax problem resolution is not binding as some cases become more complicated and time consuming than anticipated when the estimate was made, but you will be informed of the additional complexity as soon as we are aware of it.  Fees are based on the value of the services rendered considering the expertise required in addition to expended time.

9) Retainers are non-refundable.

We strongly encourage clients support our efforts to help them in a businesslike fashion.  Failure to do so may result in our withdrawal from a matter.  Should we find this action necessary, any retainers for tax problem resolution will be deemed fully earned and non-refundable.

10) Broken appointments will be billed for ½ hour at our standard rates for tax problem resolution work, unless the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance.  We regret the need to enforce this policy, but we are unable to schedule another client during that time without adequate notice.  All we have to sell is our time and our expertise.

11) Calls from our office.  You may receive a call requesting additional documents, or updating you on our progress.  In the interest of efficiency, staff members assisting in preparation of your case may make the calls.  Please take the time to take our call, or return the call promptly, so that your case may advance toward its resolution.

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